Nature and culture holidays

Le Castella, an iconic centre of tourism in Calabria, offers history, culture and nature. The majestic Aragonese Castle, perched on a little island near the small town, reigns supreme in the waters of the “Capo Rizzuto” protected marine area. Le Castella Tour: a guided tour of the Aragonese Castle, an outing on a boat with transparent base inclusive of bathing stop, a visit to the ceramics laboratory, shopping, and tasting of typical local products.

Crotone, the heart of Magna Graecia and the town of Pythagoras… The last column of the temple of Hera Lacinia stands all alone on the Promontorium Lacinium. A long walk in the Archaeological Park taking in different civilizations and the hidden treasures of the past. Crotone – Capo Colonna Tour: A stroll through the historical centre of Crotone, with a visit to the Church of the Immaculate Conception and the Castle of Charles V. A trip to the Capo Colonna Archaeological Park (the Nao Tower, the ruins of the Temple of Hera Lacinia, the Archaeological Museum and the Sanctuary of the Madonna of Capo Colonna).

Sila: Near the Sila National Park are spectacular waterfalls in a pristine natural setting. Cupe Valleys Tour: A visit to the “Campanaro” Waterfall with bathing stop, a visit to the Crocchio Waterfall and gorges, and a look at the “Good Giant”.

Santa Severina: “The stone ship”. Santa Severina looks right out over the valley of the Neto river. Once a residence for knights and dames and a grand archiepiscopal centre, it is now home to one of the most important collections of sacred art. Santa Severina Tour: A walk through the old Byzantine village with a guided tour of the Carafa Castle, the Baptistery, the Cathedral and the Diocesan Museum.

Do you prefer sea outings?

EVERYONE ABOARD for a fun outing, with activities on board, bathing stops and a delicious local aperitif ensuring all the excitement of a day out to sea.

Boat with transparent base: sailing during the day and sailing during the night, plus a mini cruise…

There is also snorkeling, a unique and original experience admiring the magnificent seabed of the “Capo Rizzuto” Protected Area; and diving, with PADI courses to obtain certification.

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